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Development space of fluororubber

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Update time : 2020-10-14 15:52:27
Commercial prospects for fluororubber

    Fluororubber is faced with very good development opportunities.From the perspective of business, China has become the world's second largest producer and consumer of cars, second only to the United States.The advancement of automobile industry technology and environmental protection requirements has provided huge development space for the development of fluororubber industry.

    Air pollution has a serious impact on the economy and health, and countries around the world are working to reduce emissions from cars.The pollution mainly consists of hydrocarbons from different locations in the car's fuel system and fuels that have not been completely burned.Generally speaking, motor vehicle gas emissions commonly referred to include three categories: 1) operating loss, which comes from the process of driving a car;2) Daytime emissions from daily cooling and heating processes of the fuel system;3) Heat immersion loss is caused by hydrocarbons discharged from the fuel system after the car engine is closed.About 50% of emissions come from fuel pipes, tanks and fuel caps;About 40% of the exhaust emissions from activated carbon tanks, air inlet;The remaining 10% comes from hoses and chassis fuel lines.Many waste gas leakage points are found in fuel delivery equipment and packing seal caps. Numerous O-rings, hoses, gaskets, joints, and diaphragms are connected to these systems.

    Therefore, the greatest difficulty for the fluorine elastomer manufacturing industry is to help the car manufacturing industry find better and less permeable sealing materials to meet the stringent new car exhaust emission regulations.

The excellent function of fluororubber

     Fluoroelastomer is a kind of synthetic material with fluorine attached to the carbon atoms of the main chain into side chains.Because of its excellent function, fluororubber has been praised as "the king of rubber".Fluorine rubber has excellent chemical properties, this kind of new polymeric materials with heat resistant, oil resistant and solvent resistance, strong oxidant resistance and other properties, and have good physical and mechanical features, such as, seal, rubber hose, tape and tank, because it has an alternative and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, cars, and mechanical and other profession.Fluororubber is used in 60-70% of the car industry.In recent years, the rapid development of China's car industry has driven the demand for fluororubber.
Because of its superior functional characteristics, fluororubber has been widely used in the automobile industry, and its product types are increasing. The main products are various sealing materials, insulating materials, rubber pipes, rubber tapes, rubber cloth, etc.At present, the domestic car parts with fluorine rubber material of the primary products of engine valve stem seal, after before the diaphragm, the crankshaft oil seal, engine crankshaft oil seal, engine cylinder liner resistance hydrosphere, drain hose, fuel hose, oil hose, oil filter, check valve, gearbox and gearbox oil seal, filler cap O ring, and so on.Fluororubber has become the development trend and mainstream of rubber materials for cars in the future. Many products adopt more excellent fluororubber instead of traditional materials.

  Therefore, the biggest development opportunity for fluoroelastomers is to develop new engines, transmission systems and fuel systems. Fluoroelastomers can meet increasingly stringent emission specifications.Today's regulations pose a huge challenge to car manufacturers.In accordance with relevant regulations, even at operating temperatures above 150℃ or below -40℃, it is necessary for the fuel system's elastic seal ring to have a service life of 15 years or travel 150,000 miles (1 mile =1.609 km) without fuel leakage and not exceeding its swelling limit;Therefore, it is necessary for the elastomer required here to have good corrosion resistance to general fuel and composite fuels with fuel, alcohol and esters as main components, including methanol, alcohol gasoline and new biofuels.

    In addition, such an elastic ring is required to be durable enough to absorb the vibration of the engine during the car's daily operation.Few materials can meet the current low Vehicle Emission (LEVII) code, partial vehicle Zero Emission (PZEV) code and Euro 4 vehicle exhaust emission code in such a harsh sealed environment.As a result, manufacturers of fuel system and engine seal gaskets have long focused on things like fluoroelastomers, which are used to make seal gaskets, hoses, engine inlet and oil-resistant gaskets for fuel and transmission systems.Oil seals and car shaft seals made of fluorine elastomer are widely used because of their excellent heat and oil resistance.

   Therefore, the commercial prospects of fluororubber will be immeasurable!