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Overview of rubber seals

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Update time : 2020-12-04 15:49:32

Rubber seals are rubber-based components designed to prevent leakage of fluid media from the static or moving parts of machinery and instruments, and to prevent external dust, silt, and air (for high vacuum) from entering the interior of the sealing mechanism.The sealing device is an indivisible whole composed of rubber sealing products, lubricating medium and mounting cavity.Isolated rubber seals can not show its performance, it must be connected with specific external factors to be possible to show the rubber seals operating characteristics.Plays an important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing.Solve leakage and sealing problems in the process of human conquest of nature.It has been an important way to promote technological progress and prevent and reduce environmental pollution.Rubber seal is a kind of rubber products widely used in sealing technology.Because rubber has valuable elastic polymer material, wide temperature range, in different media to give less stress will produce greater deformation, this deformation can provide contact pressure, compensation leakage clearance, to achieve the purpose of sealing.

Rubber seals have important functions, unique structure, convenient assembly and maintenance, reliable use, moderate cost, wide range of uses.From the requirements of various industries to rubber seals, rubber seals are more and more diverse in structural forms, sealing materials are more and more diverse and complex.In a sense, rubber seals are multidisciplinary products, it is a comprehensive polymer elastomer chemistry, mechanics, friction and lubrication and other disciplines.Therefore, rubber seal products are not general chemical products, but fine chemical products, it is not wearing parts, but the general basic