Huayi O-Ring Seal & Rubber Products

About Us
Huayi Providing high quality in the rubber seal products!
About Us
Huayi Seal is a Manufacturer who is focused on the research of fluid &Pneumatic Seal Technology & Production of Rubber Seals. In order to provide high quality products to customers, We continue to introduce advanced production equipment and established our own independent laboratory. Since its foundation ,Huayi has been unyieldingly maintaining its own route while keeping a leading position in the seal Industry in the world.
Company Profile
Thanks to the long-term practical experience, Huayi can assist our customers with all facets of design processes. All standard sizes as well as non-standard sizes are available from huayi .We offers rubber compounds and various options of hardness to meet the requirements of any practically service condition. Huayi can satisfy all of your needs for O-ring and rubber parts. You can be assured Huayi seal will provide you with the best quality and value in O-rings & other rubber seals.
with more than 10 years practical experience of our technical engineers , who are competent to offer mold design and formulation design; And with the strong practical ability to improve the performance of resistance to chemical corrosion , abrasion, high and low temperature. Offering the advanced & reasonable solutions are our objective.
Huayi manufactures strong & leak-free spliced products in various corss sections and profiles with all of the high quality materials available through using our proprietary vulcanizing technology.
Vulcanized O-Rings are a great solution when a standard size cannot be used. Huayi can make O-Rings from 1mm to hundreds of millimeters in diameter. 
Quality Assurance
  • Every employee is trained to comply with our quality policy, including : Company Quality Policy, Safety Hazards,Workmanship Standards,Material Handling, etc...
  • Precise Calibration of Measuring Equipment
  • Automatic inspection equipment : to avoid misjudgement or defective product omission, the qualification rate has been highly improved.
  • Strict Quality Control Process
  • Perfect internal quality audit system
  • Severe Internal Management Review
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction Monitoring system
Pony Testing EPDM
Quality Management System IATF 169492016
Dust-free workshop test report
Pony Testing Rubber Sheath EPDM
Customer Service
Advanced Technology , professional knowledge,utmost service will be provided at the moment you choose "Huayi".
  • A large amount of knowledge on the accumulated technical background will be offered.
  • Huayi based on global competence, pursue global management in every corner of the world .
  • Huayi is steadfast in making relentless efforts to grow together with our clients and create shared value for all.
  • Support you all you want for your business wherever you are,that is our responsibility !
  • The most common Inch and Metric O-Ring Seals are stocked in our warehouse. Most orders is likely to be shipped in just a few days, and same day service is available!
No matter the order is for a few hundred pieces or tens of millions, every one receives the same and high attention to detail.
Applicable Industries
  • Huayi manufactures impeccable quality seals of all types, such as:
  • Viton, O-ring ,Star Ring(X Ring),ED Ring , WF Ring, V Ring, Bonded Gasket, Mechanical Seal,fluorinated silicon seals,AFLAS, pipe seal, valve seal, pneumatic seal,hydraulic seal,flat gasket, rubber parts, customized rubber parts, custom-make rubber parts, non-standard parts,aseptic seal,rotary seal.etc...
  • Our products are widely used in extensive various industries, such as :
  • Automobile industry,Mechanical industry,chemical industry,aerospace industry,electronic industry,food industry, hardware industry,air conditioning and refrigeration industry & Medical industry ...