FFKM O-ring

Tecnoflon PFR94 is a novel perfluorinated elastomer (FFKM).Suitable for strong corrosive chemical environment, almost all chemical media resistance is mainly used in o-ring, seal, diaphragm production.
FFKM Features
FFKM is the best rubber material with high temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, and organic solvent resistance among all elastic perfluoroelastomer materials. FFKM compound can withstand the corrosion of more than 1600 kinds of chemical solvents, such as strong acids, strong alkalis, organic solvents, ultra-high temperature steam, ethers, ketones, esters, nitrogen-containing compounds, hydrogen carbide, alcohols, aldehydes, furans, amine-based compounds, etc. FFKM has high temperature resistance, the maximum application temperature can be 320℃.FFKM has more than 40 years practical application in multiple industries.
Our company HUAYI SEAL use the imported FFKM raw material in order to meet various requirement. The process to make the FFKM is difficult and complicated, so there are only a few manufacturers in the world that can produce the FFKM raw material. The brands such as DuPont Kalrez®3M,DAIKIN and SOLVAY, etc.

According to various requirement about the temperature of raw material, our company HUAYI SEAL could provide the following variety of high-temperature products for our customers.

NOTICE: FFKM has high cleanliness without metal ions, please contact HUAYI sealing expert (HUAYI8819@126.COM) for help selecting the best FFKM compound for your application.
FFKM Advantages
Due to the high cost of FFKM raw materials, usually the use of FFKM sealing conditions are extremely demanding, other raw materials cannot meet these harsh operating conditions under the sealing requirements, in these harsh conditions other rubber is prone to corrosion, swelling, dissolution, aging hardening and other adverse conditions, resulting in seal failure.  FFKM has excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, meets the demanding conditions of sealing, and it can increase the service life of seals and reduce customers’ maintenance costs

FFKM Application
*Semiconductor industryplasma corrosion, gas corrosion, acid-base corrosion, high temperature corrosion, rubber seal high cleanliness requirements
*Medical Industry (Organic acid corrosion, organic alkali corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, high temperature corrosion environment)
*Chemical Industry (Strong acid corrosion, strong alkali corrosion, gas corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, high temperature corrosion environment)
*Oil Industry (Heavy oil corrosion, hydrogen sulfide corrosion, high sulphones corrosion, organic matter corrosion, high temperature corrosion environment)
*Automotive Industry (High temperature oil corrosion, high temperature corrosion environment)
*Laser Plating Industry (High temperature corrosion, high cleanliness FFKM cannot be dissected metal ions)
*Battery industry (Acid-base corrosion, strong active media corrosion, strong oxidizing media corrosion, high temperature corrosion environment)
*Special Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Strong acid-base corrosion, gas corrosion, high temperature corrosion, organic solvent corrosion, ion corrosion environment)
*Specialty Chemical Industry (Strong oxidant corrosion, strong active agent corrosion, strong acid-base corrosion, organic solvent corrosion environment.)
 *Nuclear Power Thermal Industry (High temperature steam corrosion, ultra-high temperature water corrosion, nuclear radiation corrosion environment)