O-rings HNBR

O-ring is a seal ring installed in groove, moderate compression of O-section. O-ring is an effective & economical sealing parts in various kinds of applications for dynamic seals or static seals.Compared with other sealing types ,O-ring has many advantage
HNBR Description
  HNBR is produced by hydrogenation of NBR also known as high saturation NBR. Due to its reasonable molecular structure, HNBR not only inherits the inherent and wear-resistant properties of NBR, but also has friendly heat resistance, oxidation resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance, which can be comparable with fluor rubber, and can replace fluor rubber, CR (chloroprene rubber), NBR and other special rubber in many aspects.
Physical performance
  Shanghai HUAYI engineer can reduce the glass temperature of the vulcanized glue and improve low temperature performance. HNBR is mainly used in harsh environments with a variety of fuel and corrosive media, operating temperatures ranging from -40°C  to 150°C
Alkaline filler can improve the heat resistance of HNBR, which can reach 188 ℃ in air. Meanwhile, it does not reduce the corrosion resistance of hydraulic vehicle fluid.
HNBR is similar to NBR in that it can use carbon black or mineral fillers to improve the performance of the adhesive.
The HNBR molecular chain has no double bonds, so it has excellent ozone and aging resistance
    HNBR can be used in a long time at 150°C. HNBR is characterized by increased resistance to ozone, many chemicals, heat, aging, and abrasion. Like NBR, HNBR still holds onto its resistance to oils and fuels. So, it’s suitable for a wide range of applications, like automotive, aerospace, oilfield and other industrial.
(1) Automotive industry: automotive synchrotrons, fuel hoses, power steering hoses and seals, drive belt accessories, pump seals, engine seals, fuel diaphragms, oil seals.
(2) Oil industry: oil seals, oil field blowout preventers.
(3) Others: Air conditioning system resistant to new refrigerant R134A of various seals, high-performance paper glue roller surface glue, high temperature hot oil halogen-free flame retardant cable sheath, oil storage tank floating top seal, high-temperature high-pressure radiator seal, road construction machinery rubber parts, incident points, IC card polishing mixing, double-layer capacitors with conductive film.