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Difference between O-ring and Gasket

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Update time : 2020-10-14 16:34:20
The common characteristics of o-ring and gasket: both of them meet the implied condition: when the sealing contact pressure is greater than the pressure of the sealed medium, the sealing effect is maintained;When the sealing contact pressure is less than the pressure of the sealed medium, the gasket or O-ring is pushed open, and the medium leaks.

Different features of o-ring and gasket(Washer Rubber): Flat gasket seal contains gaskets, bolts and flanges to form a messy statically indeterminate system;The seal contact pressure is provided by the deformation of the bolt.The contact pressure distribution of the flat gasket is more uniform.Leakage may occur when the pressure of the medium is greater than the contact pressure.

    In contrast: for the condition with constant pressure, both of them can be matched;But for variable working conditions, when the pressure rises, it is possible to exceed the contact pressure scale of the gasket, leakage occurs in the sealing gap of the media top opening, and the O-ring is far much better than gasket.

     In applications, gaskets are used only for static seals, and O-rings can be used for both static and dynamic sealing,and also be suitable for reciprocating linear motion.In the planning, the traditional sealing planning method of gasket is not tight enough, and the new planning specification of flange gasket is in the process of test and discussion.The planning of O-ring only needs to be determined according to groove scale, which is simple and reliable, convenient and applicable.In fact, whether it is gasket or O-ring, the most important is to choose the most appropriate one, let its better play the sealing effect.